Functional Drawing Interpretation

This training is designed for anyone who comes into contact with technical drawings and who wants to gain an understanding of the product specifications given in technical drawings.

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Training objective

By the end of the training session, participants will be able to understand the purpose and function of a workpiece in a customer-specific production drawing. This course uses drawings from the shop floor.

Target group

This training is designed for anyone within the organisation who comes into contact with geometrical tolerancing, but who does not need to apply it actively. Intended participants are primarily those workers who need to be able to read and interpret drawings, but who do not need to draft them themselves. No prior knowledge is required to take this training session.

Training materials


  • Hand-outs
  • Tolerance fields + measurement techniques


  • Maximum of 8 participants per session, in order to promote class discussion and interaction.
  • The client will provide a projector and whiteboard.
  • The training can be given in either Dutch or English.
  • After completion, each participant will receive a certificate.

Contents of the training

Each session is custom-tailored to the organisation, with real-world examples from the shop floor, for example:

Roughness DIN 4766

  • Difference between profile and roughness
  • Rp and Rmax
  • Rz and Ra
  • Rpm
  • Indication on drawing

Surface texture, DIN ISO 1302
Hardness indication on drawing, DIN 6773
Undercut, DIN 509
Workpiece edges, DIN ISO 13715

Geometrical tolerances

  • Symbol summary
  • Feature control frame
  • Datum References
  • Symbols and tolerance fields


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