Group training Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ISO 1101-2017 baseline

This training is for anyone who comes into contact with geometrical tolerancing, both its application and interpretation. We often see a great deal of diversity in the application and interpretation of geometrical tolerancing. This training session strives constructively towards uniform interpretation, in order to get all of the participants on the same page.
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Contents of the training


  • GD&T and Coordinate dimensioning, comparison
  • GPS terms
  • GD&T modifiers and symbols
  • Basic rules: Envelope principle, MMR, LMR and RFS
  • Basic dimensions, Maximum Material Virtual Requirement and collective requirement
  • Linear size modifiers and non-size dimensions

Datum reference

  • The datum system, Planar and Datum targets
  • Datum reference frame, Degrees of Freedom and sequences
  • Feature of size datum specifications

GD&T symbols

  • Flatness, Straightness, Circularity and Cylindricity
  • Perpendicularity, Angularity and Parallelism
  • Tolerance of Position Controls
  • Tolerance of Position Controls special applications
  • Concentricity, Coaxiality and Symmetry Controls
  • Profile of a surface and Profile of a line
  • Circular runout and Total runout
  • Functional gages applications and Zero tolerance at MMC
  • Projected tolerance zone and bidirectional tolerancing
  • Multiple single segment controls and Pattern tolerancing
  • Direction feature, Intersection plane, Orientation plane and Collection plane
  • Contacting feature, Variable distance for common datum, locked or released degrees of freedom

ASME-2009 introduction and ISO comparison Theoretical and practical exercises

Training materials

  • Manual in English: “ISO 1101:2004 Geometrical Tolerancing Reference Guide”, 366 pages.
  • English: “ISO GPS Ultimate Pocket Guide – ISO 11001:2012”, 141 pages.
  • Syllabus: 216 pages, in English.

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